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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2006|03:46 pm]
4:08pm: 10-16-06 Monday night dream

Last night I dreamed that I was visiting a clean, sterile, white factory. I was observing a worker in a white suit & mask pull a lever over a conveyor belt of empty upright white bottles. Green pellets came from the lever spout above & filled the container & spilled over the sides. Another man ,a boss, dressed the same way became agitated at the worker because the worker did not care that some pellets spilled over. The pellets look like bits of colored plastic. When the boss does the same thing this time with red pellets, they still spill over the side of the container & are wasted. The boss was very concerned & upset that this happened but did nothing to fix the problem. He thought more of himself than he thought of the worker because the worker hadn't gotten upset at this. The worker had accepted that this was the way the machine worked & he was powerless to change it, so why get upset. I wonder why the boss doesn't do something to fix the problem. It's easier to get mad at the little guy & blame him I guess.

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Poll #849594 Factory
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When The Boss Gets Mad You:

Hand in your 2 weeks notice
Hide out for a month behind the water cooler, in the bathroom, avoiding the boss at all cost
Incite your co-workers in to a full scale riot over wages, taking the heat off of you
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(no subject) [Mar. 28th, 2005|11:37 am]

what does it mean when your teeth fall out in your dreams..?
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ok, here goes my crazy dream [Jan. 17th, 2005|09:45 am]
this is the first dream i've actually remembered in the last month or so.
to protect my friends, i'm just going to use letters.

it began in the band room. i had to pay for my uniform. but i couldnt find the person to give the money to. so i was walking around but couldnt find him. i stumbled across my friend G, who for some unknown reason was changing into her uniform. she told me to try the main hallway. so i walked out there. still couldnt find the guy. then, it was a passing period and i had to go from the top floor to the bottom floor. as i was walking down this seemingly long stair case that reminded me of Holy Cross school, i passed my friend J. a little while later, i was back in the hallway in front of the music suite. still couldnt find the guy. so i started asking people. they didnt know. then i saw my friend G again, who wasnt in her uniform this time. and she was leaving, so i went to give her a hug. it seemed normal until she kinda started makeing out with my cheek. i have no clue why or how that came about. then as G was leaving, i snuck up behind her for a stealth hug. normal. and i gave her another one and told her to give it to her sister J. then she left. i went back to searching for the guy. someone suggested the new wing of the school or something like that and went with me to show me where. i walked through a set of doors and it was kinda like a photographer's studio. and i went to the desk and paid for my uniform. then the guy says i overpaid by $9 something. so i get change back. and i'm handed a plastic bag and one of those pizza cutters with the round blade. so i walked back through the doors and it was nighttime(when it was day time before) and i was in some weird plaza. and another friend, L, is going into the same place with her dad (who i dont see again after this next part). L asks me if thats where you pay and i said yeah, then you get money back and this pizza cutter. and L wonders what the cutter is and has never seen one before. then, L puts it in the bag and leaves. I find the cutter had ripped the bag and is hanging out of it, but i dont know what's actually in the bag. i take it to someone's car in my family and then we're on some weird dirt path in the woods and its so narrow and it winds through the woods on steep cliffs and i keep thinking the car's going to fall off. i'm not sure what happened after that.

the end
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